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6 Cleaning Tips For Back To School Days

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With these easy back to school cleaning tips, you’ll have your home ready for the current and upcoming school years. As a parent of school-age children, you know how the first day of school impacts all your routines, including cleaning routines. As every person’s schedule gets busier, they have less time to clean. If you prepare ahead of time, it’s easy to organize your home this school year even if your home seems chaotic at times.

Remove clothes that are too small and rarely worn

Minimize clutter right from the start to help ensure a successful back to school cleaning. Keep all the clothes you know your kids will wear in the most accessible storage space. You can help your kids identify what fits and what doesn’t by looking through their closets and drawers. You can also identify what they don’t wear at all.

Establish a backpack, shoe and coat station at the entrance of your home

The weather in Maryville and Knoxville changes to hot and rainy once school is back in session. Create a space right in your home entryway for all the things you might drop there, such as wet rain jackets, dirty boots, and backpacks that might end up in the mud. By doing so, you can keep dirt and mud out of your house. Additionally, it extends the life of your hardwood floors.

Create a chore chart to help your kids succeed

A family effort is needed to make back to school cleaning successful. Establish a chore chart with your kids before school starts, so they can learn the daily routines of cleaning jobs so they can contribute to the household.

Don’t go overboard! Relax a bit as well

Do not let your school year exhaust you. That does nothing but cause burnout. Cleanup doesn’t always have to be done right away. Spend some time watching a favorite show or playing games after dinner while the dishes soak in warm soapy water in the sink. You’ll actually have a built-in window of downtime every evening, and after a good soak, they’ll be easier to clean.

Try and make cleaning fun when it comes to back to school

While your kids are at school or while you clean by yourself, it’s important to make cleaning as enjoyable as possible. It’s important to keep our homes clean, but we shouldn’t daunt it. When you work, make sure you listen to upbeat music and sing along (and maybe dance) as you work. In addition to choosing cleaning products with a scent that you enjoy, you can clean more efficiently if you choose cleaning products that smell good. By the time you’re done, you’ll enjoy relaxing in your home. We all know that kids don’t like to clean, but if you can encourage them and help it be more fun, then that’s great. Cleaning will also help teach them responsibility, which is a huge plus!

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